Adventure Map

Be A Fox MarketingKeyArt

Be a Fox

Play as a fox in ‘Be a Fox’! Gather golden berries and use special berries for fun effects.

Musical Spells MarketingKeyArt

Musical Spells

Master your lute to cast amazing spells! Combine notes to create chords and let the magic flow from your instrument! Ignite your enemies, rain down arrows, or heal yourself, all with the power of music!

Magic Weapons MarketplaceKeyArt

Magic Weapons

Wield powerful magical weapons! Craft a fireball wand to blast fire at your opponents, a snare staff to lock them into place, or the gravity staff to keep them suspended in the air! With these magic weapons in your arsenal, you will be ready to take on any opponent!

One Block Space MarketingKeyArt

One Block Space

A unique, fun twist on the iconic one block genre! Gather resources to unlock portals that will take you to 9 planets with unique mobs and boss fights!

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