Survival Spawn

Hacker Pets MarketingKeyArt

Hacker Pets

Unleash Hacker Pets! Tame unique pets, each granting OP abilities! Craft pet disks, hatch, and level up your pets!

Dragon Tycoon MarketingKeyArt

Dragon Tycoon

Keep these adorable dragons as your pet! Explore this magical world to discover and collect different types of dragons! Put your dragons in a pen and collect the scales they drop over time to purchase upgrades! You will need to explore vast lands to unlock the keys to each new area.

One Block Space MarketingKeyArt

One Block Space

A unique, fun twist on the iconic one block genre! Gather resources to unlock portals that will take you to 9 planets with unique mobs and boss fights!

Craftable Pets MarketingKeyArt

Craftable Pets

Craft your dream pets or discover them in custom biomes and customise them using the colours of the rainbow! Tame them, train them and breed them within the grounds of your pet inspired millionaire’s mansion. Includes over 300 pet variations!

Underwater Mansion MarketingKeyArt

Underwater Mansion

An underwater mansion fit for a millionaire! Explore the sumberged tunnels and rooms of your nautical home, a fully equipped survival base. Adventure into the oceans with a submarine of your own or take part in the jetski time trial against friends!(edited)

Millionaire Secret Base MarketingKeyArt

Millionaire Secret Base

Flying cars, jetpacks, teleporters, robot pets, spy cameras, mech suits, and more! Explore your underground high-tech secret base and your billionaire’s mansion! Enhance your survival experience with tons of cool new gadgets!

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