Introducing Foxel Games!

Foxel Games is a global team dedicated to capturing fun and adventure for the Minecraft Marketplace. We upgrade fan favorites and classic games with twists and fresh takes to keep you and your friends entertained! We take inspiration from modded Minecraft packs and original Minecraft game modes to give all our players a Minecraft experience they know and love, but with our unique Foxel twist!
Here at Foxel we work with some of the best map-makers, artists, and developers across the globe to bring you brand-new, exciting experiences across our releases which are all designed with the fantastic Minecraft community in mind!
As creators and gamers ourselves, we understand how important creating with every type of player in mind is, so all our projects are designed with accessibility in mind and for you to enjoy as a solo adventurer or with a group of friends!
What are you waiting for? Come play with Foxel!
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